Pandemic Brewing: A Stay-at-Home Order Friendly Pursuit

I started home brewing because I liked beer. I kept home brewing because it agreed with my lifestyle as a married father of four. Unlike other popular man hobbies such as golf, fishing, or generally avoiding your family, home brewing is home brewing. It is all done at home and generally is not disruptive to family life.

I have spent many a long boil watching my kids play and talking to my wife. For this reason, it is also a perfect hobby for the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to brewing a few gallons of affordable brew, home brewing can provide many hours of interesting thought, planning, and crafting in a time of severe limitations on activities.

This pandemic has made me appreciate having a hobby like home brewing that can be done at home and with a concrete and end product. In addition to the ample supply of delicious beer it has provided, it has also given me a welcome distraction and an opportunity to spend a pleasant spring day on my porch with my family.







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